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WordPress is the world’s best and most popular content management system (CMS) that powers almost one-third of the world’s websites. Although it isn’t the only website builder and CMS you can download for free, it has various features that make it better than its competition. In the battle of WP vs HTML, WordPress is a clear winner. There are many reasons to choose WP over HTML; these are just ten of them.

1 WP is easier to use

WP makes the tools for building a great site available to everyone, regardless of their previous experience. The site is so easy to set up that you can build it even if you don’t have any coding or web design knowledge. It is not hard to learn and there is little coding work (if any), which makes it great for beginners. This is particularly convenient if you have clients you need to assist. With WP plugins doing all the work, managing your site will be much simpler. Thanks to its beginner-friendly user interface, you can easily manage the entire site from a single dashboard.

2 WP is more affordable

It may be true that startups need to spend money to make money, but that doesn’t mean they should spend it foolishly. Avoiding unnecessary expenses is crucial for a new business. While corporate giants with a huge marketing budget at their disposal usually hire design firms to build custom sites, a growing number of small and medium-sized businesses are choosing WP over HTML in order to save money. However, not only smaller companies opt for WP – some big brand websites, such as AMC, NBC, and Sony, use WP too. Building and maintaining an HTML website costs a lot. Hiring a web developer to design a custom HTML website costs $2,000-25,000, not to mention the yearly hosting and maintenance fees. All in all, unlike a WP site, an HTML site can cost you a fortune.

3 Higher security is among the top reasons to choose WP

You don’t have to be a security expert (or hire one) to keep your website safe from all sorts of harm. Installing a plugin is all it takes. WordPress plugins help you protect your site against threats such as malware and hackers.

4 Your site will rank better

By using WP, you will achieve better rankings in all the major search engines, including Google. Search engine optimization for an HTML website takes a lot of hard work. On the other hand, WordPress users have a plugin to take care of this for them. With Yoast SEO, one of the best WP plugins, you can easily optimize pages for keywords and write good meta descriptions and headlines.

5 You do not have to worry about updates

Automatic updates are one of the best reasons to choose WP. The large WordPress community keeps WP constantly updated. A minimum of three major updates for the CMS are released every year. Your system gets major and minor updates automatically and they are free of charge.

6 WP has a built-in blog feature

One of WP’s features that simplify content publishing is a built-in blog feature. With the help of this useful tool for writing/editing your content, you can easily add an informative blog to your site, even if it is not related to blogging. In that case, why would you need a blog in the first place, you ask? Well, it is proven that businesses with a blog generate more traffic and receive more links than businesses without one. As having a blog can improve sales, you should definitely consider setting up a blog on your site and using it for important updates, tips, and announcements.

7 WP is mobile-friendly

Another valid reason to choose WP is its mobile friendliness. Being one of the main factors Google rankings depend on, mobile friendliness has become a priority for site owners. To get a better ranking, you need to optimize your site for different devices. One of the best reasons to choose WP over HTML is that WordPress supports all screen sizes and mobile platforms. Therefore, creating a separate version of the site for tablets and smartphones won’t be necessary if you’re a WP user.

8 You can do everything on your own

As mentioned earlier, there is no need to hire a professional to constantly work on your site. You can update the site with one click and install security plugins with ease. You can add and manage its pages and posts and customize its look on your own. In case you would rather leave the maintenance of your WP site to someone with more experience to get the best results and save time, hiring professionals makes sense.

9 A WP website is easier to translate

If you want your business site to attract a global audience, you may need to translate it into foreign languages. While HTML users need to invest a lot of money and time into translating their site and creating different versions of it, WP users do not have to go through all that trouble. WPML and Multilingual Press are some of the plugins you can use to translate your WP site into 40+ languages!

10 There are many beautiful themes to choose from

Thanks to a wide choice of WP themes, you can create any type of site. If you want a niche website, for example, you will be able to select a theme that fits your particular niche. In addition to the free themes that are instantly available through the theme directory, there are thousands of other themes you can purchase. WP theme shops offer high-quality premium themes at reasonable prices. You can preview the themes live and install them whenever you want to change the appearance of your site.

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