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Looking for the best password management Software 2020?

Passwords that are too simple, the lack of care on the part of some employees and the lack of a secure password manager are the cause of many security breaches in some companies.

What’s the solution to overcome these problems, while providing users with an ergonomic system to access all their sites and software online? Password management tools is the best option to solve this issues.

Here are some of the best Password Management tools:

1Password: Security… wherever you are!

1Password is one of the most famous password managers. With this tool, save your passwords in a digital safe and find them on all of your devices thanks to synchronization:

  • Using your account.
  • Via Dropbox.
  • Via WiFi.
  • In addition, 1Password manages credit cards, secure notes as well as the automatic completion of online fields and forms.

Avantages of 1Password

  • Travel Mode: when you go abroad, store sensitive data from your various devices on your company server. Then collect them on your return.
  • The Watchtower feature: an alert is sent to you in the event of a security breach, so that you can quickly change your passwords.
  • Availability of the solution on all devices and operating systems.
  • AES-256-bit encryption that protects your data and prevents 1Password from exploiting it.
  • Increased protection during your browsing: the software protects you from keyloggers. In addition, it checks the security of the sites and browsers you are about to use to prevent malware and other phishing attempts.
  • A free trial version available for 30 days.

Dashlane: The best free password manager 2020

Dashlane, a French solution that quickly internationalized, is another benchmark in password management software. It gained its popularity in particular thanks to its freemium version (which manages up to 50 passwords, but for a single device), often considered as one of the best free password managers 2020.

Its paid version, Dashlane Business, offers everything your teams need in terms of functionality (importing or sharing passwords for example), all in a very neat and ergonomic environment.

Benefits of Dashlane

  • A VPN included in the solution provides additional protection for the WiFi network and unlocks access to a lot of blocked content.
  • Easy change of your passwords: in 1 click, change your passwords in bulk on more than 300 sites.
  • Detection of weak passwords.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: Dashlane checks to see if hackers have stolen sensitive information, such as your email address.
  • A high performance mobile app, both on Android and iOS.
  • A free trial version available for 30 days.

KeePass: The open source password manager

KeePass is a free, open source password manager available under the GPL v2 license.

KeePass is a complete solution that provides you with all the essential features:

  • Access to your database using a unique code or removable media (USB key for example).
  • Compatibility with all operating systems and devices.
  • Synchronization.
  • Password generator, etc.

Benefits of KeePass

  • Open source code allowing a community of developers to constantly evolve the tool.
  • Two encryption algorithms (AES encryption and TwoFish encryption), reputed to be among the most powerful and which have proven themselves in particular in the banking industry.
  • Software certified by ANSSI (the National Agency for Information Systems Security), guaranteeing its high level of security.
  • A history of your passwords and your changes: this gives you traceability to determine the best time to change your passwords.
  • Software available in over 50 languages.
  • The free solution.

Keeper: The digital safe asset

Keeper is a solution that serves as both a password manager and a digital safe.

With very good functional coverage, it offers everything you would expect from a good password manager in 2020. But it takes the user even further, thanks to:

  • Its functions against piracy.
  • Sharing archives.
  • Personalization of security criteria, etc.
  • A major ally for the security of any type of business!

Benefits of Keeper

  • A very high level of protection thanks to two-factor authentication, as well as fingerprint or facial recognition if you use the mobile application.
  • A digital safe for securely storing and managing access to your files in the cloud.
  • Reports and audits on the security of your passwords to facilitate the implementation of best practices within the company.
  • Several options available (Keeper Business or Keeper Enterprise) in order to choose the most suitable for the size of your organization.
  • Very good functional coverage, with the possibility of adding extensions like: advanced reports, alerts module and secure private messaging, etc.
  • Customizable software in the colors of your company.
  • A free trial version available for 30 days.

LastPass: Support in optimizing your security

LastPass is one of the most popular password managers on the market.

In terms of functionality, you can count on:

  • Importing browser passwords.
  • Secure password sharing.
  • The management of multiple identities for forms.
  • Generation of complex passwords, etc.
  • All using an ergonomic and customizable interface by creating sections according to your needs.

Benefits of LastPass

  • A very high level of security: 256-bit AES encryption with SHA-256 PBKDF2 and salt hash, but also multi-factor authentication.
  • A tool appreciated for its ergonomics and ease of use.
  • Optimal support in the implementation of good security practices: receive a weekly report that explains where you can be more efficient and what to do to achieve it.
  • Many possible integrations and optimal adaptation to any type of environment and device.
  • The ability to define a large number of rules when creating your passwords.
  • A random and secure username generator.
  • Several formulas available (MFA, Teams, Enterprise and Identity) to choose the most suitable for the size and needs of your organization.
  • A free trial version available for 30 days.

Why use a password manager?

Before you decide on one of the solutions presented above, you are probably asking yourself a number of questions.

  • How does a password manager work?
  • Why should you use this type of software?
  • What features do you need for your business?
  • What criteria should you base your choice on?
  • Find all the answers to your questions about online password managers on our Password Management Category page.

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