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With an appropriate remote support application, you can not only serve more customers in less time, but also proactively maintain your customers’ systems. More than that, the increased scalability of your operations will bring benefits to your business in the long run.

A modern remote assistance program is all you need to keep your work in your hands: no need to change locations, make personal visits or develop solutions from scratch.

As a result, the costs of moving and completing tasks independently are eliminated and your working hours become more profitable. By solving more customer problems with less effort, you adapt your business to generate more benefits for your business as well as for your customers.

What is remote assistance?

Remote assistance refers to the process by which a specialist connects remotely to an end user’s computer (via a local area network or the Internet) to help him solve a problem on his local computer without having to speak to the user.

To establish this connection, technicians usually use special software to access a remote computer wirelessly, regardless of its location, and to solve complex problems immediately, which would take much longer to resolve over the phone.

Some modern operating systems may offer a remote assistance program as a built-in option, but due to their limited functionality, users more often opt for dedicated third-party utilities that support more sophisticated features .

So here is a list of the 5 Best Remote Support Software in the Market:


TeamViewer is a software package that allows remote control of shared computers. In addition, it allows users to transfer files between computers, establish video communications and conduct web conferences.

TeamViewer works on several operating systems, including Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Chrome OS, iOS, Android, RT Windows, BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8.

In addition to direct communications, the solution allows you to create connections via a firewall and a NAT proxy. The tool can be used free of charge by non-commercial users. And there are also Business, Premium and Corporate versions.

TeamViewer is an extremely powerful and very accessible platform where control can be passed from one person to another, while in most similar applications, control is performed on a one-way street. In addition, the solution can be used with or without installation. In the latter case, the program operates without administrator access rights.

The main features of the TeamViewer remote support solution:
• The possibility of connecting to the computer remotely and obtaining full access to its functionalities (including the use of keyboard shortcuts and others);
• Intuitive interface;
• Allows easy access to remote machines located kilometers from your home while staying at home or in another office;
• Highly secure data transfer between computers protected by a firewall;
• Remote mutual access, simple file transfer in both directions;

ConnectWise Control

This solution provides technical specialists with a simple way to repair computers, provide updates and manage machines remotely. In addition, ConnectWise Control helps organize online seminars and organize presentations for remote meetings. The product comes from a reputed software family and is known for its versatile functionality and stable performance.

Probably the best thing about ConnectWise Control, that is, it allows fast communication between agents and technicians, thus providing fast, high-quality customer service. What’s also interesting is that the software supports a wide variety of collaborative assets that allow agents to help each other, exchange opinions, files, and even tasks.

Zoho Assist

Zoho Assist is an affordable online remote access and support platform. Zoho Assist is generally chosen by small and medium-sized companies who need to assist their customers located all over the world.

This solution provides customers with fast remote support via on-demand web sessions and eliminates the risk of deferred support even with a slow Internet connection, making the platform extremely popular with customers and support teams. The added benefit of the application is the ability to manage unattended computers. In addition, the platform is very easy to install and use.

It works as follows: A support specialist creates an online session and invites a client (by email).
The client clicks on the link provided in the email, opens the session in the browser and (with one click) installs a small plug-in for remote control of the computer.
The technician can then display something on his own computer or manage the customer’s machine remotely.


AnyDesk is one of the most powerful services for controlling a computer remotely. You will even have the possibility of cooperating, and doing group work on a remote computer (using 2 cursors). AnyDesk is a program that allows you to control a PC remotely. AnyDesk is currently free for personal use but companies will have to pay to be able to benefit from the advantages offered by AnyDesk.

VNC Connect

One of the most popular and professionally used remote control software, VNC Connect is available free of charge. The tool is much easier to configure than TeamViewer and quite powerful. On the display side, the user can manually adjust the quality of the resolution, even if the screen adjusts automatically.

VNC Connect gives you the possibility to transform your computer into a remote workstation. Just log in using a VNC viewer program. You will then provide information about your identification account and you will see all of your remote computers. Then just select one of them to share the screen.

VNC Connect is made up of two essential tools, VNC Viewer which represents the client and allows access to the remote machine and VNC Server to be placed on this same machine. A customizable identifier allows the connection between the two.

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