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Running a business – especially doing it the right way – is a herculean task. With the right tools, though, it does not have to be.

One of those right tools, especially for a business that has multiple locations, is a telephone network to aid easy access and communication without lags at any point. That is the only way to ensure that the business is always operated seamlessly. This is where Nextiva comes in.

What is Nextiva?

Nextiva is a business telephone service provider operating a VoIP system to keep multiple locations and outlets connected anywhere and everywhere in the world. With their unique software and technology, they have been able to eliminate the instances of non-uniformity of telephone service providers which many multi-location business owners tend to face.

They achieved this by leveraging the internet to route all calls and connect all locations. Since the internet can be set up anywhere, and cheaply so, this beats having to switch to different phone provider services in different locations just because they don’t have infrastructural setup there.

Features of Nextiva

Nextiva does what it has been built for – handling calls for business over multiple locations – and it does that just well. The good news is that it does not stop there, though.

Some of the amazing features that users can also get from this provider include:

  • Shared Call – this allows for more than one phone to be assigned to the same line
  • Nextiva anywhere – for employees that are always on-the-go, they can choose to have their Nextiva lines ring on any phone of their choice.
  • Call Me Now – a faster way for customers of a business to get in touch with customer care representatives. Clicking on a button instantly puts the consumer through to a CS agent.
  • Analytics – as a business, data is important to your processes. Nextiva understands that and they will help you get actionable data out from your calls.

The mobile app also comes with a ton of neat features. Employees can host video calls, tweak their call accounts and use instant messaging features too. They can also access the company directory from there so they never have to cram any numbers.

Benefits of Nextiva

What makes Nextiva stand out is only the kind of offering that they bring to businesses from all around the world, but how they compare against other providers of the same service.

Subscribers to the company’s plans are currently enjoying such benefits as:

  • Competitive Pricing – Nextiva has always had a nice pricing model, but this has undergone another reform to make it even better than what was out there before. By doing so, they ensure every business that signs up for their service will get the best value for their money. This is made even better in the way they offer different classes of pricing, allowing businesses to choose what plans work best for them and scale up when the need arise.
  • Customer support – one thing that we look for in a service provider is the customer support system. Best believe we would not even rate Nextiva if they had a poor system in place. To make sure they attend to all of their customers, they have made multiple channels of communication (live chat, telephone, and email) available for over-the-air communications. They have not only made these available, but they provide prompt responses too. The best part of it all is that their customer care representatives are not just some bots, but well-versed individuals ready to tackle your requests.
  • Ease of use – you do not need to get any special piece of hardware to use the Nextiva service. As long as you have a running internet connection and IP phones of your choice, you are good to go. The online dashboard where users manage their accounts – assigning IDs, choosing phone numbers, adding employees, etc. – is very intuitive too. Perhaps the best thing about using Nextiva is that you don’t need to have a dedicated IT team since they handle all of your upgrades and maintenance for you too.
  • Conference call – we can say that the conference call is not the amazing feature in itself, but the fact that it comes free too. This allows every user to hold a call with up to nine other users at the same time on the network. In the case you need to host more people on the conference calling network, know that Nextiva is compatible with conference calling services that you can use to expand their capabilities.


As we mentioned above, Nextiva is designed to cater to businesses of different scales. This is evident in their pricing models as shown below:

  • Essential – starts at $19.95 per user/ month. Comes with unlimited calling, toll-free numbers (local and international), voicemail to email feature, virtual faxing and barge-in tool, among others.
  • Professional – costs $20.95 per user/ month. Offers everything in the Essential package plus the SMS, video conferencing, screen sharing, team massaging, voice analytics, call recordings etc.
  • Office Enterprise – costs $27.95 per user/ month. This brings Nextiva anywhere, a ton of analytics and integration tools to the table in addition to everything above.
  • Contact Centre Pro – costs $50 per user/ month. Comes with enhanced greeting settings, queue announcements and routing, unlimited queues, call recording, and remote agent support, among other features.
  • Contact center Enterprise – costs $100 per user/ month. It brings everything in the Contact Centre Pro plan plus upgraded supervision controls, improved queue. management practices, night/ holiday services, whisper messages and enhanced analytics, among others.

Start your free trial today and start making and receiving calls on your computer or mobile phone with Nextiva VoIP System.

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