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Everyone is a writer, in one way or the other. It might be that simple email, a report for your supervisor, a business plan or anything else, but we find ourselves writing sometime. No matter how our mastery degree of the English language, some mistakes will creep right under our noses. So that these do not mar the good effort you have put into your composition, writing assistants like Grammarly step in.

What is Grammarly?

On the surface, Grammarly is a tool that you can use to correct your spelling errors to have a cleaner document. But then, that is the same thing you get with spellchecker in your basic Microsoft Word package.

Thus, we expand Grammarly to be the tool that does an in-depth check on your write-ups to not only correct the spellings you have gotten wrong, but also improve the overall writing. This is done by understanding the goals of each writing and improving the delivery, organization, word usage, grammar, correctness, variety of words usage, word orders, engagement, syntax, clarity, word-class usage and more.

It is, thus, little wonder why it has been dubbed the best friend of writers everywhere.

Features of Grammarly

There are tons of apps and providers out there that promise you neater writing. What makes Grammarly stand out is a combination of the following:

  • Tone detection: Grammarly’s AI determines the tone of writing to ensure your content is right in line with what you have in mind
  • Consistency: Scanning through the documents, Grammarly ensures you stay consistent in spelling (e.g. British and American spelling types), short-form usages, etc.
  • Readability: It is one thing to write something, and it is another to write something worth reading. Grammarly helps you boost your chances of audience engagement with its readability function
  • Grammar check: This is what the app has come to be known for. Checking various aspects of your grammar and composition, it suggests top-notch ideas to help you improve on what you have created.
  • Genre specificity: Depending on what genre you are writing for, Grammarly has a new goals tab that helps you to keep your language and delivery in line with such genres.
  • Cross-platform: Grammarly can be used as an extension on your browsers, in your mail provider or word-creating programs for seamless usage. They have also developed mobile keyboards and platforms recently.


Grammarly has the same pricing feature for everyone, no matter how many words the user runs through it. However, the pricing differs by how long the user can pay for at once.

That is expressed below:

  • Freemium: users can get the basic features of the software for free
  • Monthly: costs $29.95/ month
  • Quarterly: costs $19.98, to be billed as a one-time payment of $59.95
  • Yearly: costs $11.66, to be billed as a one-time payment of $139.95
  • Business: Costs $12.50 per Member to be billed monthly.

Sign up for free and get an idea about this awesome tool here.

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