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All across the country, businesses have been forced to shudder their doors due to COVID-19. If you own one of these businesses, figuring out how to keep your doors from closing forever can be a real struggle. One of the keys to overcoming this struggle is to be smart with your marketing and operations. Cutting costs can also be crucial, which is why having these low-cost pandemic marketing and survival can be critical.

First of All, Know That Financial Help is Available

While there are quite a few free marketing tools available for businesses impacted by COVID-19, others may involve an upfront investment. That’s why you should be aware of the many financial resources that are available to help your small business survive right now. For example, you may be able to secure assistance from one of several companies and organizations, including Zen Business, or you may qualify for federal grants.

You should also look to state programs that are providing financial relief for small business owners, and you may be able to combine these programs to help keep your doors open. Of course, financial assistance can also come in handy if state restrictions or safety concerns are prompting you to keep your doors closed for the time being. So make sure you’re aware of these financial tools.

If Possible, Look to Free & Low-Cost Marketing Tools

Even though you may be able to use certain grants and financial resources to help fund your marketing plans, there are also quite a few marketing strategies that cost very little to nothing for small businesses. Since so much business is being conducted online right now, digital marketing needs to be at the heart of your overarching marketing plan. Focusing on SEO optimization, website enhancements and PPC advertising can all be sound marketing moves for your small business.

Email marketing should be a priority as well, and there are tools that can make targeting new and existing customers simple. Finally, social media is critical for connecting with customers and many platforms are providing free tools for businesses.

Look for Ways to Save on Marketing Tools & Supplies

You may also need a few marketing essentials to keep things safe for your staff and customers. From new tech to cleaning supplies to signage, you can find nearly everything you need by shopping with office suppliers like Staples. Plus, you can use promo codes, coupons and cashback offers to reduce your costs for these supplies.

Wondering what sort of supplies you should pick up? Well, if you will have happy and healthy customers in your store, you may want to invest in posters that will encourage folks to practice social distancing and other COVID-safe guidelines. Best of all, you can design and order these posters and signs from the comfort of your home and have them shipped directly to you. Ground shipping is free but there are also expedited options.

Find New Options for Delivering Products & Services

Evolving your marketing plan can ensure success when you decide to reopen, but you may also need to adapt your operations. If you own a retail shop, adapting the delivery of your products can be a low-cost and effective way to retain your customers and improve your profits.

Offering curbside pickup or even free delivery can encourage folks to keep shopping with your small business, even when they are unable or unwilling to shop inside of your store. Curbside pickup services can be added for no cost but providing delivery may require you to incur extra fuel and transportation charges. So it may be best to limit your delivery area in order to limit these expenses and protect your profits.

For businesses that provide more services than products, including gyms, education centers and even restaurants, Zoom can be an invaluable tool.

Times are tough right now but they will eventually get better. That’s a fact. So for now, all that you can do is regroup, refresh your strategies and prepare your small business to survive. Above all, try to keep your head up and keep a positive attitude as you face the months ahead.

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