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SetMeApp helps small / medium business owners and Entrepreneurs find the right software for their business.

It helps you discover the most effective software to best fit your company’s road to success! We help you make sense of all the software offers out there with the most recent reviews so you can quickly choose, improve, grow and succeed.

Users can browse our directory and discover great business software described in details and reviewed by verified users. Benefit also from all the exclusive deals we bring you on great Web Applications and Software.

SetMeApp is a complete software selection platform that will help you make well-informed software decisions.


Radouan Mahdoudi


Technology and software enthusiast. Working with the SetMeApp team to help SMB, Entrepreneurs and Freelancers to find the best software the suits their need while saving money by negotiating deals for our visitors.

Yasser El Hardouz


I consider myself to be a highly efficient and innovative professional with an extensive background in Marketing, communication, sales, project management, Blockchain and Neuro-linguistic Psychology. I am a multi-lingual individual (English, French and Arabic) with an appreciation for Personal Growth, Software, Business, culture, creative writing and sport psychology.

Badr Zahrane

Business Development Manager

Business Developer with international experience in affiliate marketing, deals negotiation, partnerships in Casablanca, in prospecting new clients in Barcelona and in CRM in Paris.

Rida Mahdoudi

Content Manager

My current position as a Content Manager with the SetMeApp team has allowed me to perform my tasks to the best of my ability. I am in charge of updating the big portion of the site’s content, including detailed product descriptions, vendor information. I am also working on other tasks like Affiliation, deals negotiation and managing multiple accounts.